District Goals 2017
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2017 District Goals by District Leadership Team 

     1.  Membership

​           -Hold What You Have +1

     2.  Foundation

           -Every Rotarian, Every Year Increase.

​           -Spend what we have.

     3.  Increase Youth Services in Club. 

     4.  Increase number of clubs who contribute to Polio Plus.

     5.  Participate in RI Tree Project. 

     6.  Make website the “Go-To” website full of updated resources.

​           -All clubs synched to Club Runner through District.

​     7.  Increase participation in District events.    

     8.  Establish one new club in the District. 

     9.  Educate all clubs about Rotary Club Central.

   10.  Establish District Speakers Bureau

           -Rotary and non-Rotary

           -Will travel