Activity Announcement (Recap)

To submit an announcement or recap of an event or activity, for the website, follow the guidelines below.  This type of submission would be a review of a successful fundraiser, membership drive or other type activity.  Please follow the guidelines to provide the most accurate information.  Send the information to the District Webmaster.
  • Identify the group – club name, location, meeting dates & times
  • Describe what the reader gets from the story
  • What was the point of this activity? Was it a fundraiser? A community service project? A celebration?
  • What did it support?
  • What was the desired result? How much collected? Where did it go? Who did it serve?
  • Be precise. When did this activity happen? Date, day of week, time.
  • Be precise. Take the reader to the exact place so there are no questions about where to it happened.
  • What is the backstory?
  • Where did the idea originate?
  • What prompted the idea?
  • Who is the catalyst? A person? A group? An organization?