Posted on Aug 25, 2017


To submit an upcoming event for the website, please identify and provide the following information, along with any posters or flyers you have created.  This type of submission would be for activities your club is having, such as fundraisers, foundation dinners, or combined club activity.  Please follow the guidelines below to provide the most accurate information.  Send the information to the District Webmaster.
  • Identify the group – club name, location, meeting dates & times
  • Describe what the reader gets from the story
  • An opportunity to join?
  • A chance to participate? Contribute? Sponsor?
  • What is the point of this event? A fundraiser? A community service project? A celebration?
  • What does it support?
  • What is the desired result? Who are you serving?
  • How can the reader to participate? Include contact information.
  • Be precise. When will this activity happen? Date, day of week, time.
  • Be precise. Include a map link and directions. Take the reader to the exact place so there are no questions about where to park, which building or room to go to. Tell them what to expect when they arrive.
  • What is the backstory?
  • Where did the idea originate?
  • What prompted the idea?
  • Who is the catalyst? A person? A group? An organization?