D5840 Passport Club


Explore a new, exciting and innovative approach to joining Rotary. The Passport Club is a first in our Rotary District and is designed with you in mind.
As a member, you will be a Rotarian in every sense of the word but participation will be at your desired pace and choice of events.  You will be free to visit any club you desire, participate in an ongoing project within the District, support any fundraiser that interests you and contribute to The Rotary Foundation when you desire. There will be very few face-to-face meetings, no mandatory projects to support and club fees will be at a reduced rate, compared to standard club fees.
Your participation will accumulate service points through a series of opportunities that will introduce you to a variety of clubs within the District and expose you to a broad spectrum of projects. You will be able to report your participation via email using a standardized report form which will be provided to you.
The Passport Club is a new approach in a new time for Rotary Club.
Please take the time to read the materiel that is provided on this web page and then come join us in this dynamic leap into a world of “Service Above Self” never before experienced. 
About Us
The District 5840 Rotary Passport Club members are individuals who want to make a difference in their community in a way that fits their time, talent, and finances – as well as their family, work, and life commitments.
In this spirit, the District 5840 Passport Club holds only a few in-person meetings each year. Instead of the traditional weekly Rotary meetings, members are encouraged to engage in humanitarian service - however that works best for them. This could be through work, or any other civic or non-profit organizations a person is passionate about.
The founding values of the District 5840 Passport Club are inclusivity, affordability, and flexibility. Meetings, which can be held anywhere throughout the district’s geographic area, are typically social gatherings hosted by one of the members. These socials are better known within the club as a “layover”, where members gather, socialize, and partake in some degree of service. 
District 5840 Passport Club members are recognized Rotary International members, with the same privileges and rights as any Rotarian in any part of the world. Members of the Passport Club are encouraged to visit with, and participate in, other clubs’ meetings, fundraisers, and volunteer projects. The District 5840 Passport Club prides itself in having a corps of dedicated volunteers ready to serve our communities whenever necessary. 
Membership in our club provides you with a virtual passport to visit and work with any other Rotary Club in District 5840 – and around the world – to take part in activities, programs and projects that interest you. Participation is tracked by a standardized point system, which tracks your service through a number of different eligible activities.
This Club is designed for former Rotary members – those who found that a traditional club doesn't fit their work/personal schedule – and for those individuals who a heart for service and would like to take their volunteerism to the next level.
If you are curious about Rotary, please visit one of our meetings or socials to see how you can connect with others who are interested in serving the community.  If you have any questions, please contact the Jackson Moss at jackson.moss@rotary5840.org.
Club Executives
President - Miguel Segura
Secretary - Linda Cook
Treasurer - Jhoan Torres
Membership - Claudia Mora
Foundation - Sarah Mauer-Eckert
Public Image - Danny Serna 
Become A Member
After the submission of your application form and it is received, our membership team will contact you by phone or email to complete your application. Thank you!
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