Grants starting at $30,000 and covering tuition, room & board, and various other study abroad expenses are available to Master’s degree candidates majoring in the following 7 areas (with preference given to candidates who have demonstrated an active past commitment in these areas as well):
  • Peacebuilding and conflict prevention
  • Disease  prevention and treatment
  • Water, sanitation, and hygiene
  • Maternal and child health
  • Basic education and literacy
  • Community economic development
  • Environment
 Qualification of Clubs
  • Clubs must be qualified
  • Ensure attendance at Grant Management Seminar by the Club President in the year grant awarded 
  • Sign Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  • Sign the Addendum to the MOU
  • Sign the Club Financial Management Plan
  • Sign the Club Misuse and Mismanagement Plan
Attend: Grant Management Seminar
Download and Execute: Club Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) including the Addendum, Club Financial Management Plan, and Club Misuse and Mismanagement Plan
Identification of Applicant
  • Applicants are identified by a Club or self-identified
  • Applicant must reside in District 5840
  • Limited to one applicant per Club
  • An applicant must
    • Have obtained a Bachelor’s Degree from and accredited University
    • Have identified one of the Rotary Seven Areas of Focus
    • Have selected foreign institution at which he/she plans to pursue studies that are related to the Rotary Area of Focus that the applicant has selected for post-graduate study
  • A Club must
    • Determine if the applicant is prepared to participate in the Global Grant Scholarship (an interview is highly recommended)
    • Obtain Board approval for the financial responsibilities’ incumbent upon their sponsorship of an applicant should they be selected by the District for the grant
    • Identify a Club member who will serve as counselor to the applicant and two additional Club members who will be backup contacts for the applicant. 
    • Assist the applicant in learning about Rotary and preparing their District application and, if the applicant is selected by the District, assist them with the online RI application.
    • Assist the applicant in preparing for their Club and District interview
Read:  Facts about Rotary Scholarships and Global Grant Scholarship Supplement
Completion and Submission of Application by Applicant
  • ​Applicant completes District application form by the deadline of November 30, 2023
  • Applicant must sign application form in all required places
  • Submit application and all materials including Rotary Club Endorsement Form, Recommendation Letters, Language Ability Form (if studying in a country at an institution that is not the native language of the applicant), Academic Transcripts, photograph, and Applicant’s Certification Form by the deadline of November 30, 2023
  • Applicant sends completed application and all materials to:
Jane Burton, Global Education Grant Scholarship Chair
29802 Fairway Vista
Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas  78015
Read: Rotary Global Grant Scholarship Application Checklist
Download and Execute: Rotary Club Endorsement Form
Applicant Interview by District 5840
  • Interviews  take place on December 9, 2023, in San Antonio, Texas
  • Interview committee consists of District Scholarship Committee members, District Foundation Chair and District Governor
  • Applicants will be evaluated using specified criteria
  • The successful candidate will be notified
District 5840 Candidate
  • Must attend G.S.E.T.S. (Global Scholar-Elect Training Seminar in January 5-6, 2024, in-person in  Houston, Texas.
  • Sponsoring Rotary Club counselor should attend G.S.E.T.S. Training with candidate
  • Must create an grant budget as well as a personal budget
  • Work with the District 5840 Scholarship Chair in finding a host sponsor Club and counselor in the city and country where the scholar will be studying
Rotary International Global Grant Scholarship Application
  • Candidate must provide proof of university admission at the time of application
  • Candidate must wait to create an account on until after his/her name and email address have been added to the application by the host of international sponsor
  • Candidate completes application online through in the Grant Center.
  • Allow enough time to process the application, which should be submitted at least three months before the scholar’s intended departure date (i.e., deadline is May 1, 2024, for August 1, 2024, departure)
Execute: Global Education Grant Application
  • Funding for the Global Grant Scholarship comes from District Designated Funds and the World Fund
  • Funds are sent to the local sponsoring Rotary Club and the Rotary Club must establish a separate bank account for the Global Grant funds
  • Global Grant funds are transferred to the local sponsoring Rotary Club by July 1, 2024.