Global Grants

Global grants support large international activities with two important characteristics: 1) Sustainable and 2) Measurable outcomes in one or more of the Six Areas of Focus. Global grants are funded with a combination of District Designated Funds or cash contributions and matching funds from The Rotary Foundation.
Global grants encompass:
       ► Humanitarian Grants
  • Projects supporting the goals of one or more of the Six Areas of Focus
      ► Scholar Grants
  • For graduate-level academic studies that relate to one or more of the Six Areas of Focus
      ► Vocational Training Team Grants
  • Groups of professionals traveling abroad either to learn more about their profession or teach local professionals about a particular field within the Six Areas of Focus
  • ReadFacts about Vocational Training Teams

Requirements/Steps Involved
in Global Grant Application Process


Qualification of Clubs


  • Clubs must be qualified
  • Ensure attendance at Grant Management Seminar 
  • Sign Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  • Sign the Addendum to the MOU
  • Sign the Club Financial Management Plan
  • Sign the Club Misuse and Mismanagement Plan
Attend: Grant Management Seminar


Identification of Service Project


  • Humanitarian, scholarships, vocational training teams
  • Be an international partnership between a Rotary Club or District in the country where the  activity takes place and a Rotary Club or District outside of that country (for example, your Club and a Rotary Club based in the country where the project will be carried out)
  • Align with one or more of the Six Areas of Focus
  • Respond to a need the benefiting community has identified 
  • Include the active participation of the benefiting community
  • Strengthen local knowledge, skills, and resources
  • Provide long-term benefit to the community after the Rotary club or district has concluded its work 
  • Have measurable results
  • Involve active Rotarian participation
  • Have a minimum budget of US$30,000
Read: On, read about global grants
Read: Examples of Global Grants: A) Guatemala; B) India_Mobile; C) India_Toilet; D) Mexico; and E) Turkey


Executing Terms and Conditions

  • Must meet eligibility requirements described in Terms and Conditions
Download and Execute: Terms and Conditions for Rotary Foundation District Grants and Global Grants


Completion of Global Grant Application


  • Submission deadline is open
  • Must meet all terms and conditions listed for Global Grants
Execute: Global Grant Application online through


Global Grant Examples



Examples of Global Grants over the past several years can be found at: Global and Matching Grants Examples on


Global Grant Funding

Global grants are funded with a combination of District Designated Funds or cash contributions and matching funds from The Rotary Foundation’s World Fund. The World Fund matches 100% of District Designated Funds and/or 50% of cash contributions.
The minimum award amount from the World Fund is US$15,000, which means that the minimum project budget is US$30,000. The maximum award amount from the World Fund is $200,000.

Applying for a Global Grant

Once the club or district qualifies, it can apply online for a global grant
Application Process: After signing into and My Account, go to Global Grants