Grants Management Training

District Grant Training required for all Clubs to be qualified for District Grants. Training classes are accessed at the Learning Center at My Rotary. Search for District Grant Training for District 5840. Download certificate upon completion.

District Grants – Title  (District Grant Training for District 5840)

  • Rotary Foundation Basics – 45 mins
  • The Power of Giving – 15 mins

Global Grants

  • Grants Management Seminar  - 3 hours 10 mins

Required for All Grants

  • Club MOU – Check side panel for Electronic MOU
  • Club Project Report for RY23-24 Grants – Grants Module on district website
Two club members must submit Learning Center Training Certificates and signed MOU (electronic process) in order to qualify for District Grants.

Due date July 31,2024


Additional Information:

  • If you are a new users of the Learning Center may see an error message if you follow a direct link. Consider including these instructions: “If you haven’t used the Learning Center, go to, sign in to My Rotary, and accept the privacy policy before you click the link to your learning plan.”
  • If the link doesn’t work, you can use the search bar to search for the learning plan by title.
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