Welcome to the Rotary District 5840 Membership Olympics

All Game Challenges must be electronically submitted using the submission links BELOW!

To the LEFT... you will find RESOURCES to help complete each of the Levels. 


Submit all of your Game Challenges by clicking on each link below! 

All levels must be completed by May 1, 2024

Game 1 - Submit the name of your Club Membership Chair. Include the name of your Rotary Club. Many Clubs have already done this! Check the scoreboard to see your status!
Game 3 - See the side panel for options for Club surveys. Report the Club Survey taken by  your Club and the results
Game 4 - Use Pre-Event Checklist to promote your event to your members, the community and the District! Submit the Member Engagement activity & photos. Be sure to share this event on social media using hashtag #MembershipMatters


GOLD – Complete each event and the two bonus rounds and win a $100 Gift Card for Russell Hampton

SILVER – Complete each event (not including the bonus rounds) and win a $50 Gift Card for Russell Hampton

BRONZE – Complete any 3 of the events and win a $25 Gift Card for Russell Hampton