Public Image Physical Banners 

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Reservation Rules:

  • Must be a Club Executive making the request
  • Open and review the respective Item’s Reservation Calendar (links are found in the left side panel) BEFORE submitting a request.  The "calendar" lists possible available dates and who you may need to coordinate transportation with.
  • Use the form below to request a banner
  • You are responsible for picking up and returning all checked out items from and to its Base Station. This includes all delivery costs, including insuring the package.  Subject to his availability David might be able to deliver the item to FedEx if you arrange for payment to FedEx.  Contact him at to make special arrangements.
    Base Station:  David Wiechmann
                                           8107 Nufy Ridge
                                           San Antonio, TX 78209-2254
  • Immediately prior to your check out date, you are responsible for contacting the NEXT club scheduled to use the item within the next 4 days after your use.  Both clubs are to mutually agree the best means for you to deliver the item directly to that next club.  You are only responsible for up to the cost of U.S.P.S. 2-day shipping costs and insurance back to the Base Station. The next club is responsible for any additional costs required for faster delivery to it.  The next club then takes on the responsibility for delivering the item to the next club or returning the item to its Base Station.
  • You agree to be responsible for paying for the repair or replacement of any damaged item.

Items Available:

1. Rotary Masterbrand Blow-Up 

Special Instructions: Collapses into storage bag which includes an auxiliary electric pump in case the internal pump fails. Not Included: grounded extension cord for internal pump

2. District Logo Step and Repeat Banner

Special Instructions: Requires a vehicle capable of carrying long box plus need a minimum two folks to set up.  Comes with long box to hold banner plus carrying bag full of metal framing.

3. Ask Me About Rotary - Hanging Banner (#1 of 2 available)

Comes with a carrying case. No Special Instructions.

4. Ask Me About Rotary - Hanging Banner (#2 of 2 available)

Same as 3. above

5. We Are Leaders - Pull-up Banner

Reads: “Fellowship, Integrity, Diversion, Service, Leadership” encircled by 3 action statements above the sentence “We are leaders who act responsibly and take action to tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges” above shape of Texas with the counties in our district highlighted in yellow. 
Comes with a carrying case. No Special Instructions.

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